(Almost) Wordless Wednesdays: That’s Epic, Mickey


DSC 7833resize (Almost) Wordless Wednesdays: Thats Epic, Mickey
Mickey battling Chernabog during Fantasmic

Hot off the heels of Disney announcing a Nightly Summer Fantasmic Schedule, I thought a Fantasmic Wordless Wednesday would be fitting. Hey, isn’t this supposed to be Wordless? You’re right – I’ll Stop!


 (Almost) Wordless Wednesdays: Thats Epic, Mickey

Meet Randy Ojeda

Randy is a long time "Disney Local" who's now too cold and too far from the WDW Entrance Gates, as he attends Law School in Chicago. His lifelong love for Disney led him to create YourHighwayintheSky.com and the Mouselinked Network. He's a Disney nerd, frequent tweeter, and dole whip junkie. At Walt Disney World, he's often spotted riding the TTA Peoplemover repeatedly or mourning the loss of Horizons.

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