Tangled Ever After arrives Spring 2012

TangledPoster 237x300 Tangled Ever After arrives Spring 2012On the last day of D23, Disney animation unveiled a poster for a new short film sequel to their animated hit Tangled.  The new film, titled Tangled Ever After, will premiere on the Disney Channel in the US in the Spring of 2012.  Although the poster promises a return of most of the characters from the original film,  Disney has not revealed any plot details.

Based on the released image, it appears that the film will revolve around the royal wedding and the…unique…guest list.  The presence of the Stabbington Brothers (voiced by Ron Perlman) in the lower right hand corner also suggests the villains of the film.  Perhaps the incarceration of the Stabbingtons shown at the end of Tangled is going to be cut short.

The Disney channel release of a short-film followup to a Disney animated feature is a unique event, but it seems that Disney animation Chief Creative Officer is taking a page another page out of the successful Pixar playbook.  The Maters Tall Tales series of short films, based on characters from Cars have found an audience and spurred sales of Cars related merchandise.  Perhaps Disney sees the potential to keep viewers engaged in the world of Tangled in a similar way.

Specific dates for the short film have not yet been released, but will no doubt be announced soon.  Online, many fans are hoping that the return to the world of Tangled may prompt a return of Flynn Rider to park meet and greets.

What do you think?  Are you excited for a new installment of Tangled, or do you think it’s a letdown after the conclusion of the film?

Check out the update from Disney about the film appearing in theaters!

Tangled Ever After will air March 23 on American Disney Channel

Tangled Ever After now available on the Internet from Disney

 Tangled Ever After arrives Spring 2012

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