Traveling the Highway: Best of the Disney Web 9/4

yh logo final 217x300 Traveling the Highway: Best of the Disney Web 9/4 As we get ready to start a new week, hop aboard Your Highway in the Sky to take a look back at news and views around the internet as well as the latest from Your Highway in the Sky


 Props for the Adventurer’s Club & Pleasure Island signage have been removed

Adventures by Disney announces new destinations in Greece & France

 A look at the new luxury homes at Disney’s Golden Oak on Walt Disney World property

Disney compiles concept art for the new Fantasyland at Walt Disney World


Jim Korkis talks about Walt’s simple tastes

Jim Hill talks about why Phase II of World Showcase was never built

The story of Epcot’s Horizons

Some of the best breakfast spots at Walt Disney World 

Top tips for Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival

And, of course, check out the Magical Blogorail to see what the Disney blogging community has been talking about this week

Here on Your Highway in the Sky

The schedule for the opening of Walt Disney World’s Fantasyland has been revealed

New information & updates on the 2011 Not so Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom

Disney invested $1 Billion in next generation tech – what will it bring?

What about the rumors of RFID in the parks – what are the benefits and pitfalls?

Test Track may be getting a major update in 2012

Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion offers the potential for interactive upgrades

Finding Duffy outside the Disney parks

With new price raises on soda in the parks, bring your own drink…you’ll save time and money

Pixar’s Brave may tap into myth and legend

Depp & Verbinski make a new offer to get the Lone Ranger back into production
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 Traveling the Highway: Best of the Disney Web 9/4

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