“One More Disney Day” A Dud

onemoreday One More Disney Day A DudWhen rumors began to circulate in August about a new program titled “One More Disney Day,” the Disney fan community perked up.  Disney has traditionally launched its “themes” or campaigns during the month of September, and ass D23 approached, it seemed likely that “One more Disney day” was set to be the new promotion. Stitch Kingdom suggested that the campaign might be tied to the community service initiatives promoted by the 2010 “Give a day, get a Disney Day campaign, and the predicted “Special Announcement” at D23 suggested a tie-in with Disney’s community and environmental awareness programs.  The conjecture was further fuelled by a reserved website address for “one-more-disney-day” and the short-lived nature of the 2010 program.

However, the reserved web address http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/one-more-disney-day/ today displays no more than a promotion for guests to extend their stay at Disney parks and resorts that directs guests back to the Let the Memories Begin protram with its opportunity to share photos and experiences. 

The page, with its redirects to other Disney locations and the continued emphasis on the ongoing Let the Memories Begin program may have been Disney’s original intent, but its sparse format has already raised questions about whether Disneychose to change directions or abort a planned program.  In the days of traditional marketing, such a change would have gone unnoticed, but with the active social media and blogging community, changes in company policy are harder to smooth over.

What do you think?  Did the Disney Internet community get worked up over nothing with One More Disney Day, or was this a change in direction?  What kind of promotion would you like to have seen Disney offer?

 One More Disney Day A Dud

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