Disney Pixar releases new Brave Trailer: Courage and Defiance

Braveposter2 202x300 Disney Pixar releases new Brave Trailer: Courage and DefianceDisney Pixar has released a new trailer for its upcoming film Brave, giving fresh insight into the film’s characters and presenting the most cohesive glimpse into the film to date.  The new trailer focuses on the formerly glimpsed competition featuring the sons of the three lords and confirming that the competition is, indeed, for the hand of Princess Merida.

The new trailer also gives a glimpse into the life of Merida’s family.  As suggested by the concept art revealed at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, King Fergus seems to be a warm, indulgent father in the tradition of Disney’s “gumdrop daddies.”  He is warm, joking with Merida, and taking little control over the competition.  Queen Elinor, however, presents far more leadership, starting the competition, and attempting to take Merida in hand.

The scene is a brilliant choice for a new trailer, not only because of its stunning visuals, but also because of its themes.  The sequence showcases Merida as a new, independent heroine who is competing for her own hand…for her independence.  It marks her as a capable, charming heroine, and yet still raises questions of defiance.  While viewers sympathize with the humiliation of being “given” to one of the inept suitors, Merida’s public defiance and humiliation of her family gives broad opportunity for her to mature and learn what it takes to be truly Brave.

Brave releases in US theaters on June 22,2012



 Disney Pixar releases new Brave Trailer: Courage and Defiance

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