Meet the Avengers: Captain America

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Steve Rogers is the very embodiment of patriotism. He believes in his country so much that he would even sacrifice his body to become Captain America.

As a boy, Steve Rogers was told about his father’s heroism in the First World War. After his mother’s death when he was a teenager, Europe was once again at war and Rogers wanted to go. However, he was short, scrawny and with a multitude of health problems. The draft board refused to accept him. His dream seemed impossible until he was accepted for an experiment super soldier program. Under the direction of Howard Stark and other scientists, Roger was given a special trial of an unproven serum and chamber to enhance his strength and other attributes. It worked. He was not only taller and stronger but had increased endurance and pain tolerance.

After defeating his nemesis, Rogers crashed in the arctic where he was frozen but didn’t die. Then, in present day, Rogers was discovered by SHIELD and unfrozen. Not only does Rogers have to adjust to 70 years of history, culture and inventions such as the internet, but Rogers has been idolized all that time as a superhero. Even SHIELD Agent Phil Coulson grew up playing with his action figure.

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Chris Evans was born June 13, 1981 in Boston, Massachusetts. Evans and his three siblings all grew up acting thanks to their mother who directs community theatre. However, it was Evans making contacts during an internship at a casting office that really paid off. He was cast in his first film at age 19 and has worked steadily ever since.

Evans’ title role in Captain America: The First Avenger wasn’t his first experience with Marvel. In 2005 and 2007, he played the role of Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch in Fantastic Four and its sequel. He was also a villain in the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World based off the independent graphic novel series, Scott Pilgrim.

Evans said of his experience on The Avengers:

“I’ve stepped outside of myself more with this character than I ever have before. When we shot our first scene together, I kept thinking about how incredible this experience was. I’ve seen all of the Marvel movies and now I’m just so excited to be a part of Marvel history. I’m so grateful to come on set and join an ensemble like Robert Downey Jr., Samuel Jackson, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston and Scarlett Johansson—it’s been an amazing ride.”

 Meet the Avengers: Captain America

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