Disney Research to Enhance Touch Interactions

touche 1 Disney Research to Enhance Touch Interactions

A recently released video by the Disney Research Hub features some new concepts to touch interactions which could allow users to interact with everyday objects, from water to doorknobs, in more nuanced and interesting ways. For example, the video shows how various gestures can allow somebody to control a mobile device using only their body, or “interact” with their own food. From the video, it’d be easy to see how this technology could be used on the Disney Cruise Line or in Disney Hotels. As seen in the video, guests could leave “Do Not Disturb” messages on their door via simple touch gestures or have “magical” room lighting which responds to your posture and sleep state.

Disney has historically been very forward thinking with technology and recently, with their emphasis on RFID technology and mobile devices, has proven that they wish to remain on the cutting edge. The new Hitchhiking Ghosts sequence in the Haunted Mansion, for example, uses state of the art body mapping technology to detect the guest and place them “in the scene” with the ghosts.

This touch technology (called Touche in the video) is more than likely in an early stage; however, it is never too late to play Imagineer and dream up possible uses throughout Disney Property. How can you imagine touch gestures enhancing your experience in Disney Parks?

Check out the video below for some ideas:



 Disney Research to Enhance Touch Interactions

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