Disney gets Evil with Annual Pin Event

While walking under a ladder or having a black cat walk passed you may bring bad luck, there is a more common and well known omen for bad luck:  A cracked mirror.  What may be worse yet is if the mirror is cracked on Friday the 13th.  And next year, at the annual trading event for pins and vinylmations, there are no exceptions.

13pinevent 150x150 Disney gets Evil with Annual Pin Event

13 Disney villains will soon escape!

On Friday, September 13, 2013, the annual Disney pin trading celebration event will be held at EPCOT.  It will be featuring many of the Disney villains in pins and vinylmation.  The story so far is that 13 of the Disney villains are currently breaking a special mirror, and once it is broken (on Friday the 13) they will be able to escape into the pin and vinylmation event.  It will then be up to Mickey Mouse and 6 other “good guys” to piece the broken mirror back together and get the villains back into the mirror.

The pin portion of the event will be held from September 13-14th, with the vinylmation day on September 15th.  In previous years, they have held an early bird registration day, giving guests the chance to pick up their credentials for the event along with any of the merchandise they may have pre-ordered.  During this early bird day you can also trade pins and vinylmations with fellow pin and vinylmation traders and collectors.

In previous years, during the pin portion of the event, there have been oversized pin boards (bigger than most boards in hotels/parks) that you can trade up to 2 pins on.  A trader is usually given about a minute and a half or so to choose 2 pins that they would like to trade from the board.

13reflections 150x150 Disney gets Evil with Annual Pin Event

Will 13 be your lucky number?

However, many of the pins can be special pins such as Limited Edition, Artist Proof (AP), Pre-Production (PP), or Prototype (P) pins that can add a special value to them.  There are also games and activities held during the event for special prizes that can range from a free lanyard to a bag full of rare pins.

The different pin developers from Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland, and the Soda Fountain Shop in California may also be on hand to show some of the pins that they have designed and are developing, and can also answer questions.  The vinylmation portion works in a similar fashion from what I understand, although I have not gone to the vinylmation portion yet, as I do not collect many vinylmations myself.

The annual pin and vinylmation event is an amazing experience for pin and vinylmation traders and collectors of any age. Have you ever been? Will you be attending this year? Let us know in the comments and maybe we’ll see you there!