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Traveling the Highway: Best of the Disney Web 7/24

yh logo final 150x150 Traveling the Highway: Best of the Disney Web 7/24As we get ready to start a new week, hop aboard Your Highway in the Sky to take a look back at news and views around the internet as well as the latest from Your Highway in the Sky


Disney’s classic shorts find new life in a DVD collection

The “Golden Gate” bridge at Disney California Adventure is getting a makeover

The strange story of the Backson song – a look at how some of the new Winnie the Pooh’s songs came to be

Kaka-Gori ice stand at Epcot’s Japan to get a larger menu

Walt Disney’s 1932 home goes on sale – wanna buy it?


A look back at the history of the Jungle Cruise - appreciating its theme

How Disney re-integrates pieces of closed attractions into other locations at Disneyland

Period proper re-interpretations of Disney Princess dresses – beautiful

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Here on Your Highway in the Sky

Ridemakerz will be sharing space with Team Mickey when it makes way for Splitsville at Downtown Disney

Disney Tip – be a character in your vacation photos

New posters released for Disney/ABC fall series Once Upon a Time based on classic Fairy Tales

Learn the story of the Yeti at Expedition Everest

A look at the new Winnie the Pooh in theaters

Disney Tip – Appreciate your mousekeeper

Really Bad Eggs – Pirates of the Caribbean from ride to film

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Disco or Diva? The saga of Expedition Everest’s Yeti

shrine 184x300 Disco or Diva? The saga of Expedition Everests YetiYou’ve seen the signs, the remnants of other adventurers, the shrines, but you were sure nothing would happen to you.  And then you’re proven wrong.  The track is ripped up in front of you, almost throwing you into an abyss, and you plunge, backward, into the heart of the mountain.  The speed presses you down into your seat, and you hold on tightly; your ears ring with the screams of those around you.  You pause again, racing forward.  And then you see it, a huge creature looms at the edge of a track, shaggy, menacing. You turn your head to try to get a better look, and you surge forward, leaving it little more than an impression.

The yeti at Animal Kingdom’s Expedition Everest is certainly the culmination of the ride.  It is celebrated in merchandise from pins to plushes, but it retains its mystery.  Riders only glimpse the creature for a few seconds during the ride, and some riders admit they never see the creature at all.  Few manage to get a clear look at the animatronic beast, even those who know where to look.

Yet a quick internet search on the Everest animatronic brings back millions of sites, including thousands of complaints about the ride running in “B” mode and something called the “Disco Yeti.”  If riders only see the creature for a moment and lines for Expediton Everest are still long enough to keep the FastPass machines humming, why are people so upset?  Are fans of the happiest place on earth really that cranky?

Harold 150x150 Disco or Diva? The saga of Expedition Everests Yeti

"Harold" the Abominable Snowman at Disneyland's Matterhorn

In order to understand the furor over the yeti, you have to turn the clock back to 2006.  For over a year, Disney had been teasing a new major attraction at the Animal Kingdom park, centered around a spectacular new animatronic. Although no one had seen the new animatronic at the time, Disney fans knew its stats as well as those of any pro athlete.  The 22-foot tall, 20,000-pound creature was the largest animatronic Disney had ever made. It could move 5 feet horizontally and 2 feet vertically…and the 19 actuators that controlled its movement could produce more thrust than a 747 jetliner.

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